Jucydate Review: Notifications, Messages, App & Chat

Read our comprehensive review of Jucydate, a dating site and app packed with exciting features. Discover how the site notifications keep you informed, explore seamless messaging, and engage in fun chat conversations.
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Updated By: SeekLoveNet Team | April 20, 2024


Jucydate is a dating website without a freely downloadable dating app. Unfortunately, there is no legitimate option to download it from Google Play or App Store. In this article, we will still explore Jucydate and its features, including notifications, the website "m.jucydate.com" and chat options.

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With Jucydate messages, you can engage in vibrant conversations and take the first step towards building a genuine connection. The website is easy to navigate, and users can access all features from their mobile device or desktop computer.

Jucydate also offers notification services to keep users updated on any new messages or potential matches. Customize your notifications to receive updates that matter most to you, ensuring a personalized and efficient dating experience.

Users who prefer to use the Jucydate platform on their mobile device's web browser can access it through the website "m.jucydate.com" The mobile version of the platform has the same features as the desktop version. So it's a convenient choice for users who like using a browser rather than an app.

Finally, Jucydate offers a chat feature that allows users to communicate with potential matches. Using Jucydate messages allows you to have meaningful conversations. Get to know each other better, and form a strong connection before meeting in person.

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Does Jucydate popular dating site?

On the Internet, jucydate reviews of dating sites frequently motivate users to register and use their service. However, this is not our style of work!

We provide honest reviews based on dry facts and figures, using jucydate analytics from SimilarWeb, the world leader in WEB analytics. We use its tools for a real assessment of the popularity of a particular dating site. Below, we have a table with the main indicators of the jucydate site, and we'll comment on the results later.

jucydate top countries


Total visits per month6.7-7.3 million
Bounce Rate38.23%
Pages per Visit5.99
Avg Visit Duration5:59 min
Geography & Country Targeting
USA - 68.15%
France - 4.24%
China - 4.12%
Germany - 3.47%
Poland - 2.99%
Gender Distribution
Female - 21.91%
Male - 78.09%
Age Distribution
18-24 years - 6.85%
25-34 years - 12.52%
35-44 years - 17.45%
45-54 years - 16.46%
55-64 years - 26.06%
65+ - 20.67%

What do the results of the analysis give us?

Juicydate.com is actually a very popular dating site with at least 4.14 million active users considering the bounce rate. The main audience is male aged 55 to 64 years. As a rule, these are users who live in the United States.

Compared to 2022, in 2024, the website's audience has grown by 340 thousand visitors per month, and its age demographic has shifted from 25-34 years to 55-64 years. The geography of users has also changed: users from the USA still dominate as they did two years ago; however, their share has decreased by 10%.

Additionally, the top 5 countries have undergone significant changes: while previously dominated by users from English-speaking affluent countries, now users from China and non-English-speaking Europe have emerged.

Jucydate app download and m.jucydate

Jucydate is a dating service accessible through various means, including the mobile website, m.jucydate, and the Jucydate Android app. However, it is important to understand the differences between these options.

It's accessible through your phone's web browser and redirects to the main Jucydate website. However, it does not exist as a separate website and is merely a mobile version of the main site.

The Jucydate app is a mobile application designed specifically for Android devices. It provides an alternative way to access the Jucydate dating service on your mobile device. However, it is important to note that there is no official source to download the Jucydate app from.

Avoid using unofficial jucydate apps from less-trusted sources. This will help you steer clear of potential scams or risks to your device and personal information.

jucydate app download

To get the jucydate app, search for "jucydate app download" or "jucydate app download free" on various third-party app stores. This will allow you to download the app and start using it on your device. Be cautious of these sources as they might not be trustworthy and could harm your device or personal information.

Only download apps from trusted sources like Google Play or Amazon App Store. Unfortunately, we have not found any mobile applications related to Jucydate and owner company either in Google Play or Apple Store. The jucydate website also does not have links to jucydate apk free download.

In summary, m.jucydate is the mobile version of the jucydate website. Accessible through your phone's web browser. The jucydate apk is a mobile application designed for Android devices, available for download from less-trusted third-party sources. It is important to be cautious and protect your personal information when using these services.

Jucydate notifications

You may come across jucydate notifications or ads that display explicit adult content on your screen. If you frequently encounter these notifications, it's likely that you subscribed to them without intending to on the Jucydate dating site.

Jucydate.com notifications can appear on various web pages while you are browsing. You might experience forced redirection to the site or encounter push notifications. To receive push notifications, you must have clicked the "Allow" button in the tooltip.

If you find jucydate notifications bothersome, there are two solutions available. In summary, m.jucydate is the mobile version of the Jucydate website, accessible through your phone's web browser. The jucydate apk is a mobile application designed for Android devices, available for download from less-trusted third-party sources.

Who Jucydate.com Is Good For?

    • -Young people seeking casual dating
    • -Young people looking for sex dating
    • -For those who live in the USA.

Who Jucydate Might Not Be Best For?

    • -For those who are looking for traditional dating
    • -For users outside the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Greece.

Pros and Cons of the Jucydate Review


    • -Around 4.14 million active users
    • -Significant audience of seniors aged 55-64 years old.


    • -The main audience of users is in the USA
    • -Very few female accounts.

FAQ About Jucydate

Is Jucydate real?

Jucydate is a real website where you can find local girls and guys. Jucydate users are highly active, ensuring your search for the right person will be successful sooner or later.

Is Jucydate free?

Sign up on the Jucydate is free, but there are paid services on the site, be careful when ordering them.

Is Jucydate safe?

Jucydate, this dating site, is technically safe according to their Privacy Policy. However, several indirect indicators suggest that users should be concerned about their own safety.

How do you remove a Jucydate account?

You can delete your profile by going to your profile settings. Click on the 3 bars at the top of the screen, go to "Settings" and select "Profile Settings". Scroll down until you see the red "Delete Profile" button. After clicking on it, all information, including photos, messages, and profile likes, will disappear forever.

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Final – Jucydate Are Best for You?

In conclusion, Jucydate does not offer a freely downloadable dating app. However, it still provides a legitimate platform for online dating. With changeable notifications, a mobile web version, and a chat feature, Jucydate provides all the necessary tools for successful online dating.

Sign up for Jucydate dating website, learn more about mobile app, changeable notifications, and chat features. Join for free and find potential matches today.


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