Seeking Arrangement Reviews

Seeking Arrangement is one of the popular sexy dating website and App in the world matching successful and attractive singles together. Having been featured on The New York Times, Forbs, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Huffington Post, Business Insider and many more publications mentioned about them. But whether this really?
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Seeking Arrangement is one of the popular sexy dating website and App in the world matching successful and attractive singles together. Having been featured on The New York Times, Forbs, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, The Huffington Post, Business Insider and many more publications mentioned about them. But whether this really?

 The site clearly talks the talk and has the publicity in the media to back it up, but can it offer to you best dating service? That’s exactly what we’re getting to the bottom of in our Seeking Arrangement review.

 Maybe you’re a man looking to find the company of a pretty and sexy young lady? Or maybe you’re a sexy lady who is interested in the attention of successful and powerful man?

 Whichever side of the aisle you are on, stick around to find out if Seeking Arrangement lives up to the hype.


Where can I download the Seeking Arrangement app?


As strange as it sounds, Seeking Arrangement's mobile app is posted only on Google Play. This is strange, if only because the bulk of successful and wealthy people traditionally prefer more expensive and high-status Apple gadgets. While the owners of Android gadgets are people of low or medium income.

 But our surprise doesn't end there! The mobile application was posted in June 2014, but the number of downloads exceeded a little over 1 million. As for the world-famous dating service, this is a much more modest figure for 8 years. Despite this, the user trust indicator is rated at 4.2 points out of 5.


How often do users search for the Seeking Arrangement on Google?

According to the Semrush service, the Seeking Arrangement website is requested 1.7 million times on Google every month. Usually users ask by brand name in countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

This indicator indicates that the brand is well-known and quite popular, but it is unlikely that such an indicator can be attributed to the leaders of dating, rather, it is an average site.

Seeking Arrangement Alternatives

If you are looking for free communication not burdened with mandatory payments, the resources listed at this link may be useful to you, and also you can register on SeekLoveNet dating site

or download SeekLoveNet mobile app.

Who Seeking Arrangement Is Good For

  • - Singles young sexy ladies.
  • - Rich and powerful men.

Who Seeking Arrangement Might Not Be Best For

  • - Not rich and not powerful young singles men.
  • - Singles not attractive ladies.

Pros and Cons of the Seeking Arrangement


  • -Many quality matches to choose from for successful and attractive singles
  • -Sign-up takes less no more 1 minute to start seeing matches in your area
  • -Free trial allows you to see all members and photos
  • -Options to store (and share) private photos upon request
  • -Ability to do background checks and verification through the site for added credibility.


  • -More expensive than traditional dating sites
  • -Not ideal for people who seek general dating site.


What is Seeking Arrangement?

Seeking Arrangement is an online dating website and mobile app which specifically servicing the luxury (more than premium) dating. Seeking Arrangement was Found in 2006 by MIT graduate Brandon Wade. The site has grown to well over 40 million user accounts (as of the most recent number published in 2022) and mobile app install more than 1 million users. Seeking operates off a profile-style system where both the powerful men and pretty ladies candidates fill out information about themselves that’s shown to the other members of the site or app. If there’s someone you’re interested in (from either side), you can send a message to start a conversation.

Is Seeking Arrangements Worth It?

The biggest question people have before signing up for a site like this or downloading an app is whether it's worth it. You are probably wondering if it is worth spending your time and money on this resource?

Our experience of analyzing such resources tells us the following:

  • - beware of assurances of a 100% guarantee of success;
  • - be critical of information from user profiles;
  • - do not rush to fork out in front of those whom you have not seen in your eyes;
  • - beware of scams.

We are not in vain focusing your attention on this, because our experience suggests that no, even the best dating site will save you from trouble if you do not worry about it yourself.

We are in no way discouraging you from registering for Seeking Arrangement, we are just concerned about your safety.

Seeking Arrangement sets a high price for its services, only you will know from your own experience how good and suitable they are for you.

Are there good, quality matches on Seeking Arrangement?

We believe such coincidences exist! However, you should understand that a site with millions of users is unlikely to have a high match quality score. There are not many perfect people in the world, especially those who are exactly what you need.

Therefore, actively adjust the filters during the search, remember that a well-filled profile with various photos is the key to your success, and vice versa, an empty profile with one other person's photo of a model appearance most likely does not promise you anything good.

You can see what the match search filter looks like below.

Customer support options

As far as customer support is concerned, the main focus is on the FAQ section. The site owners have prepared detailed instructions on how to solve one or another user problem on their own.

It is also possible to contact support through the feedback form. We have not been able to find any other way of feedback.

Seeking Arrangement paid services cost

As we wrote earlier, Seeking Arrangement has paid services and designed for two categories of users:

  • - attractive ladies;
  • - rich men.

Judging by the membership plan, there are not enough ladies on the site, for this reason they are lured by free services, otherwise why provide such services for free? This is our hypothesis, but it is not devoid of logic, because the facts point to it.

The cost of paid services is given in the table below.

Paid service type

Service period


Premium subscription

1 months

$109.99 monthly

Premium subscription

3 months

$96.66 monthly

Premium one-time purchase

3 months

$289.99 once

Diamond subscription

1 month

$274.99 monthly




Final – Seeking Arrangement is Best for You?

Here we come to the final! What is our verdict? If you do not feel sorry for money and time, you like to take risks, then Seeking Arrangement is definitely for you! Otherwise, you should not register here.