eHarmony Review: Does It Work in 2023?

Review of eHarmony dating site, pros and cons, free and paid services, user profiles and compatibility test.
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Despite the fact that eharmony was founded in the late 1990s, it is still popular in 2023. So, we can ask ourselves, "Is eharmony a good option for online dating?" In fact, it all depends on what you are looking for, so we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the review of the dating site eharmony.

Does eHarmony popular dating site?

In many reviews of dating sites, the authors of publications unreasonably write about the high popularity of dating sites, unfortunately, this is far from always true, therefore, in our analysis, we provide facts that confirm the popularity of a particular dating service.

To analyze the popularity of eHarmony, we will use such a powerful tool as SimilarWeb. The result of the analysis can be found by clicking on this link.

The most interesting and important results are presented in the table below.

Total visits per month

4.5-4.7 million

Bounce Rate


Pages per Visit


Avg Visit Duration

6:58 min

Geography & Country Targeting:




United Kingdom








Gender Distribution:






Age Distribution:

18-24 years

25-34 years

35-44 years

45-54 years

55-64 years










What do the results of the analysis give us?

eHarmony can rightfully be considered the national dating service of the United States, since there are almost no users from other regions. The monthly audience is approximately 67% of the number of visitors, which ranges from 3 to 3.15 million active users per month. Although there are slightly more men among users, in general there is a balance between genders. The main age group is young people from 25 to 34 years old, although there are quite a lot of users in other age categories.

Where can I download the eHarmony app?

eHarmony offers its users to download a convenient mobile application either from Google Play for owners of gadgets that support the Android operating system and from Apple Store for users using gadgets manufactured by Apple.

eHarmony mobile app in Google Play

eHarmony mobile app in App Store

As can be seen from the download statistics from Google Play, over the entire period of placement of the application, a little more than 5 million users downloaded the application, while the user rating is rather low 2.9 out of 5, while users who downloaded the application from App Store rated the application 4 out of 5, which is interestingly. We assume that such a difference in user ratings is due to the fact that users of Apple mobile devices are usually people with an average or high level of income who are not embarrassed by paid services, while users of gadgets based on the Android operating system are people with modest incomes and they are annoyed by paid services, so they rate the mobile app noticeably lower.

Pros and Cons of the eharmony Review


  • - Multi-million user base
  • - Popular Dating App (User Survey 2022)
  • - High user success rate
  • - Quality Audience Balance between men and women
  • - Easy to use website and app.


  • - Fairly limited free trial
  • - More expensive than many dating sites
  • - Not suitable for casual dates
  • - Intensive registration process.

How Does eHarmony Work?

eharmony was the very first dating site to use algorithms for selecting people based on the principle of mutual compatibility. Later, this idea was picked up by other dating sites, but it was eharmoni who was the first.

What is the essence of this algorithm? To get started, you need to provide Eharmony with a lot of information about yourself. This is necessary so that the algorithm can select from the database of user profiles the most suitable for you.

If you are not patient and want to start dating right away, then eharmony is not for you, this is a serious dating site aimed at achieving the success of its users, so the registration process is lengthy and may seem tedious. Those with Facebook accounts can speed up the registration process, but it still takes time and patience from you.

Once your basic profile is completed, you will be tested for harmony compatibility. It's important that you take this seriously as it will be the primary way the site matches you with others. If you take your time with this, it may take you up to half an hour or so.

eharmony uses a compatibility test to give you a "compatibility score" when you view other users' profiles on the site. Scores above 60 are considered acceptable, while those above 100 are considered ideal (especially above 110). This is a very important indicator that gives you a tool for sorting user profiles by compatibility with you.


What is it like to use eharmony for free?

eharmony has a nice free trial. On weekends, you have the opportunity to access most of the site's functions for free. This is very convenient if you want to check the site without purchasing paid services.

Yes, it's great to have such an opportunity on weekends, but there are no free services on weekdays and you have to pay. Moreover, if you have not subscribed, you will not be able to view photos, which is not liked by many users.

How much does eharmony cost?

eHarmony has three levels of paid membership, which differ only in the duration of time, but do not differ in the list of services. eHarmony has the following paid membership levels:

Premium Light - 6 months (~$66/month)

Premium Plus - 12 months (~$46/month)

Premium Extra - 24 months (~$36/month)

As you can see, there is an opportunity to save up to $30 per month by choosing a 2-year subscription instead of a 6-month one.

However, eharmony is well known for quality matchmaking and success stories, so hopefully you won't need a membership for more than 6 or 12 months.

Finally, be careful because eharmony offers discounts quite often throughout the year.


eHarmony Alternatives

If you are looking for free communication not burdened with mandatory payments, the resources listed at this link may be useful to you, and also you can register on SeekLoveNet dating site

or download SeekLoveNet mobile app.

Final – eHarmony Sites Are Best for You?

Let's summarize our review. What can I say, if you live in the USA and are looking for a serious relationship, then eHarmony is your site! Do not hesitate, you will definitely achieve the desired result, though you will have to pay for it, but how can the price for a paid membership compare with the found soulmate? But answer for this question can find only you!